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  • Progressive Range of Motion

    Hey all,

    As opposed to increasing weight overtime or volume overtime or both, would increasing range of motion overtime be a practical way in increasing performance/strength/size?

    Loading the bar relatively heavy for like heavy sets of five then setting the pins at sternum level so that the bar would move just few inches when squatting.

    Then next week set the pins one unit below then do the same workout then next week set the pins one unit below the last, etc. Then finally taking out the pins so that you reach just below parallel/ATG

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    I don't think so for resistance training, no.

    Hypertrophy takes place over a long time, so changes to ROM in the short-term are unlikely to matter outside of reduced results from reduced ROM early on.

    Strength is force production measured in a specific context. Its development is specific to the ROM you're training. Changing the ROM over time alters the context (moves the goal posts). If you wanted to train strength in the below-parallel squat the whole time, doing exclusively partials for a period of time would be worse than training the full ROM the whole time.

    In cases where strength, ROM tolerance, etc. is limited (see gymnastics training) doing ROM progression may be useful.
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