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  • Belt Question

    Hopefully I can word this in a way that isn’t too confusing.

    I’m running the beginner template and Ive been using my belt for top sets on squat and deadlift. I don’t think I NEED to use it by any means but I’d like to get some practice in with it before I switch to a strength template. Also it seems to help reinforce bracing which I assume is a large part of why people wear one!

    The problem is I’m not sure if I’m following RPE correctly because of the belt. I’m following the RPE guidelines and making small jumps until I reach RPE 6, making a 5ish% jump and hitting my set at RPE7, then adding another 5% for my top set @8. However when I put my belt on for the top set now the weight feels more like RPE6.5 or 7 even though the absolute weight is heavier. I would assume then I should make another jump in weight until I reach RPE 8 with the belt but I’m just checking to make sure that is correct.

    Maybe I should put the belt on earlier in the workout?​

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    I think that what you're doing is fine. You can either put the belt on earlier to get a sense of where your work set's weight is going to be or keep doing what your doing and have more warm up sets. Either way is fine!

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