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    Hello guys I've got a couple questions. I'm currently running hypertrophy 2 but by the end of it I want to focus on strength should I pick PL 2 or PB 2 I don't have a meet coming up but I really want to get my numbers up and planning to run it back to back (good idea?) also If I pick PL 2 can I skip test day and start from week 1 or ill miss any benefits except from testing on real time my true 1rm? I'm really enjoying BBM programming and I have to mention that you don't get enough credit from the work you put out. Looking forward to your answer.


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    Thanks for the post. I think if you really are focusing on strength gain across the Big Three, then the powerlifting 2 template would be for you. There isn't a test day in the beginning and you can skip the test week at the end if you like. No reason to know your true 1RM, as RPE and rep efforts can be used as proxies

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