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    I have a question regarding programming. So I recently came off of the PB 1 template after having just run strength 1 in to a competition with good results (set PRs in all 3). I’ve been training for almost 2 years now and have completed two PL meets. PBs are 420 squat, 275 bench, and 465 DL. 30 years old, 5’5” 190.

    I was going to be competing in another meet that I have since found out I cannot do. So now I have 21 weeks before my next meet. My thought was to take 8 weeks to experiment with the low fatigue template and if it’s working well, go back and repeat some of the template to be peaking at 21 weeks. The other option i considered was to run low fatigue for 8 weeks and then pick up with the strength 1 template for another round. Would either of these options( or another entirely) be preferable?

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    Congrats on your recent PRs- those are great! I think if you had good results with the Strength I and/or PB I templates, it'd be easiest to pick one of those to re-run unless you wanted a change. In that case, the low fatigue template could be a good experiment if you're interested. It's really more about your personal preferences and what you'd like to do for 8 weeks , as I think all possible choices are likely to work well here.

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      Thank you for the response sir! I will pick one of the above options and move forward!