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  • Training and diet questions

    Hello Jordan & Austin, I hope you are both well

    First post on the forums. I have some questions about programming and dieting that I hope you can help with:

    1) From a strength and hypertrophy perspective, would you expect better results from [email protected] or [email protected]? Both are 16 reps, but I would have said the sets of 8 as there are more effective reps there, although I don't know if you guys really support the idea of effective reps??

    2) If both are the same, why is doing [email protected]/8s not better for strength gain? You can do more volume in less time (compared to less reps), and from what I hear, volume is the driver of these adaptations.

    3) I've always looked at volume as # of sets until reading the low fatigue template PDF. Is there a way to decide how many reps a person should be doing for an exercise to see progress, or is it just trial and error over a long period?

    4) At the moment, I'm doing 3x weights and 4x cardio a week, the cardio being on rest days for 15 minutes at RPE 5/6. I'm also trying to walk 8000 - 10000 steps a day as my job involves a lot of sitting. Although walking isn't challenging for me at all, should I start counting that towards my weekly cardio and drop some of my dedicated cardio sessions so I'm not doing too much to get stronger?

    5) I've been in a deficit for a month or so now, it's going well. Do you think increasing my steps will help me lose fat faster? On the flip side, when I decide to bulk again, will reducing steps instead of eating more do the trick?

    6) Do you think that when in a deficit precaution needs to be taken when training the same as when in a surplus? My thought process is that I don't have as much energy to recover therefore there's a chance something could go wrong.

    I hope this wasn't too much. Thank you for all the free content you give out, I hope to see you in England soon!

    Calvin T​

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    Hey Calvin,

    1) Without any exercise context, neither would likely drive significant hypertrophy due to the low volume. both would likely signal similar levels of MPS. I don't think the effective reps model is well supported.

    2) 8's are not specific to maximal low velocity strength development. Rather, 8's generate their own unique adaptations relative to the demands of that task.

    3) There is no way to determine this and it changes constantly.

    4) Walking at a brisk pace in 5 minute or greater bouts most certainly counts towards weekly conditioning. I would not drop any of your conditioning and think it's unlikely that it interferes with your strength development.

    5) No to both.

    6) No.

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