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    Any advice on how to maintain a good golf game while lifting? When I am training hard and making progress always feels like I am in some state of recovery with the upper and lower body and never quite have the finesse required to play my best golf. I usually have to take a few days off of lifting if I really want to play well. Any suggestions? I usually lift in the morning and play in the afternoon and have four years of lifting experience but still trying to figure it out. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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    I haven't noticed that being sore or having any sort of DOMS has ever affected my golf game. Rather, if I walk a long course or have a wild day off the tee (and lots of shots out of the rough), I'll carry a bit more fatigue into the workout on that day. Still, never really noticed the need to take any steps for golf performance. I don't think you need to be fresh physically to play really good golf.
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