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'Minimalist' training.

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  • 'Minimalist' training.

    In the lead up to holiday season - at least here in Aus - I'd like to squeeze in another few sessions of BJJ before we break up. These are currently only available on my training days however. Jeff Nippards recent vid on the minimalist approach suggests one can still see progress on as little a 1 - 3 heavy sets of a lift (with a couple or so light back off sets thrown in) per week. I get this isn't exactly breaking news of course, but it did get me thinking. I reckon I could bang that out in around half an hour for a main lift which would let me catch a later session of BJJ on the same evening.

    I'm currently entering week 14 of the Med ISF program, but along with work, travel and family, I simply can't have it both ways time wise. The program has been good to me and I'm not a fan of changing or second guessing what works.
    This isn't a long term thing by any means, and the idea would be returning to our 'regular programming' in say February 23.
    The long and short of it is I'm looking for a bit of a stop gap approach that won't see me regress strength wise.

    Do you think there's a better (time efficient, manages fatigue, maintains gains) approach?


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    While I don't think that most trained people will see improvements in strength and certainly hypertrophy with the approach Nippard reported on, I think that it's fine for maintenance if you want to spend more time/resources on something else for a bit.

    If you really wanted to cut down on training time using something you're familiar with, you could do the main lifts' programming from the low fatigue program and skip everything else, save for GPP, and be fine. 30 min of RT 3x/wk is enough for health and maintenance, but I wouldn't suspect someone to make a lot of progress there unless it inadvertently resulted in a peak. This is fine too, training goes in waves of gainzZz and head-scratching frustration. It's normal for most things we try to fail, but most underestimate that and overreact when it happens. Just part of the process.
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      Thanks Jordan.
      The first low IFS block is indeed a good fit.