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Template Question - What to do?

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    Thanks for the post! In this situation, I would do the Hip Rehab template in the interim and then do either PB-1 or General S/C 1.


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  • ironplatejake
    started a topic Template Question - What to do?

    Template Question - What to do?

    Hey BBM fam,

    I would like your feedback regarding my next template, and perhaps one I can run fairly consistently throughout the year. I am a 39 year-old male, 6'1" and just clocked in on the scale this morning at 210. I don't know my body fat percentage, but my waist is probably around 36-38 inches. I've run BBM programs in the past with good success; however, in the past year I got sidelined due to persistent right hip pain, which resembles 'snapping hip' syndrome. This really limited my ability to squat, deadlift, and even bench with proper form. I've had hip flexibility issues (both hips), which has been exacerbated as I've gone back to training BJJ. I am still dealing with hip pain issue, which I have done PT for, and still work on to decrease pain and increase flexibility. Additionally, I have some issues with shoulder pain from BJJ that I am working on as well, but doesn't affect my ability to lift to my potential.

    I'd like to start training again to ultimately gain strength, and shed fat. I want to be cognizant of time spent in the gym, nothing beyond 1.5 hours if possible, as well as not spending too many days a week in the gym so I can get to BJJ at least twice per week. My spouse also trains in our home gym, and she gets priority as she will be competing.

    I own the following templates:
    - 7 Week Hypertrophy 4 day
    - Bridge 3
    - Hypertrophy 1
    - Powerbuilding 1
    - Strength 1

    I am happy to go with any of the existing templates that I own or perhaps purchase a new one that will meet my needs better for my body goals as well as taking into account my time, and working on my hip and should