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Altering last weeks of HLM for meet in 4 weeks?

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  • Altering last weeks of HLM for meet in 4 weeks?

    Hey BBM,

    Firstly, thanks for all the info you guys are putting out. It’s been extremely helpful and has been really advancing my training.

    I’ll try to keep this pretty short and concise, hopefully I don’t leave to many details out. I ran the bridge when it was released and ended up injuring myself on week 7. I then ran the GPP Hypertrophy template while rehabbing my injuries. Finished with no issues.

    Then I started the HLM template. I ran it through week 6, signed up for my first meet (USSF), and re-started HLM from week 1. I didn’t feel the low stress week was necessary, so I used week 2’s volume scheme. I am now finishing up week 5 and I’ve been making great progress.

    My meet is April 29th (4 weeks out). My plan was to finish out this run of HLM through week 8, and then have my meet prep week during week 9, and then compete that weekend. However; I just purchased the 12-week strength template yesterday and realized it’s approach to peaking is quite a bit different from HLM. Is there anything I can/should alter in these last weeks of HLM to optimize my time before the meet?

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    I'd just run the last 4 weeks of the strength template. It's setup for a peak at the meet, ya know?

    Go kick some ass, Nick!
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      Thanks Jordan, I'm stoked to finally be getting on the platform. I'm already hitting my target numbers for the meet so it should be a damn good time.

      It looks like the template is setup to test on a Friday, would shifting the days around as shown below make sense so that my test day lands on the Sunday for my meet?
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
      Week 9 Day 1 Day 2 GPP Day 3 (off) Day 4 off off
      Week 10 off Day 1 Day 2 GPP Day 3 (off) Day 4 off
      Week 11 off Day 1 Day 2 GPP Day 3 (off) Day 4 off
      Week 12 off off Day 1 Day 2 Off Day 3 (off) Test


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        I might bump Wk 12, Day 1 back to Tuesday, but otherwise - sure, that's reasonable.
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