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Could i reasonably still be a novice?

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  • Could i reasonably still be a novice?

    Will try and keep it short, as i understand a version of this question is asked frequently.

    I just wrapped up a year and a quarter of training a 4 day a week, consistent, hypertrophy based program. The big lifts were still front-and-center in this program. It was two high volume days, one strength day, and one speed strength day a week. Every day was three compound lifts (SBD) and three other accessory movements for that particular day in the week. Progression was determined on a bi-weekly or monthly PR test week.

    SBD when i began: 200, 180, 260
    SBD when i ended (now): 308, 236, 354
    I gained, and lost, 20 lbs during this time.

    I ask all of this because i posted this video (linked) to the SS forums for a technique review. I was told that i look underweight and that pause squats are too complex for me as i am clearly still a novice.

    I should add that once upon a time i attempted the novice LP but it was a half-hearted effort certainly, it was a long time ago before i wised up.

    I guess i just assumed after i've been exposed to so much volume and i clearly wasn't getting day-to-day PRs then I am definitely not a novice. Sure, it wasn't the SSLP, but it was a pretty sound program.

    Thank you for any help.

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    You're not a novice anymore, but really- you don't need permission from anyone on the Internet to do a program. What you're looking for is an opinion, right?

    Are paused squats too complex for even a completely untrained person? No, probably not. It might not be the best use of time if we're looking at getting your squat (without a pause) up as fast as possible in the next 3 months, but provided the training program isn't terribly put together- it'll all wash out in a year.

    Now, you are underweight for a strength athlete and I don't know if you need a bunch of accessory work (or even to train 4x/week) at your present level of training sensitivity. I don't know enough about you to say for sure.

    I think the hand waiving about do a novice LP can be useful for folks who haven't been training with a barbell, but that is not the case here.
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      I've frequently seen paused squats recommended by SSCs to fix squat form issues (especially bar path issues and weight going forward of midfoot) for lifters from beginners on up. Odd that they'd say pause squats are too complex.

      Jordan, do you recommend pause squats for bar path issues, balance issues or the like? If not, what do you recommend?


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        Okay, thanks a bunch Jordan.

        I picked up a ton of the templates and will tinker around with this. My hunch is running the 12 week strength template (or bridge) would benefit me greatly since i've been doing such a high volume training style for a year+. Gotta eat too.


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          I'm not a SSC, but your bar position looks too low on your back.


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            Originally posted by Lane Foulks
            I'm not a SSC, but your bar position looks too low on your back.
            Thanks. You are correct. I am 6'1 but still, i'm just now realizing it is alright to use my quads and not fold over so much. My copy of SS is worth re-reading.


            • neandrewthal
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              Yeah. You are folding yourself over before you bend your knees.

            • Nathan_E
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              neandrewthal I saw that mostly on the last rep. Could be an indicator of an overly fatiguing set? I like Alan's latest squat videos, constantly revisit them trying to embed the cues.