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    I am new to RPE training but am liking everything about it so far. One question - Exercises such as paused squats, tempo squats, rack pulls, etc., are these something that I should be targeting a one rep max to estimate the weight that I should be using. For example, I use the RPE chart to calculate the weight that I should be using for the main four exercise. Should I be doing this with all of the other movements as well? I have been using weights for these exercise by pretty much guessing how many reps I have left in the tank vs using the RPE chart. Thanks!

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    We would not recommend testing a 1RM in order to estimate your weight on the bar for these exercises. Rather, we would have you use RPE (described in the eBook) to determine the correct load. RPE and Reps in Reserve are pretty much kissing cousins here, so you may be doing it correctly.
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