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Finger Length and T-Levels/Athletic Ability

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  • Finger Length and T-Levels/Athletic Ability

    I heard you guys mentioned very briefly some recent attempt to correlate finger length with T Levels or at least athletic ability. I know you guys werent convinced ultimately, but could you elaborate a little bit more on why? Thanks!

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    There are probably like 15-20 studies on this topic and the significance of the ratio between the 2nd and 4th digits is purported to be indicative of athletic ability, men's knee injury risk, risky behavior, aggression, etc., but the data is kind of messy overall. I think the relationship may be statistically significant , but I don't have a good sense of how reliable this is.
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      Okay cool. Yeah, I could see the potential for nocebo here for sure. There was an article in T Nation about this and it was labeled (something like): “Check Your Tesosterone Leveled Instantly!” It all goes back to what y’all keep saying about T Levels, namely that if they’re within the normal range, then worrying about differences within that range is not merely pointless but potentially harmful. Let’s say the difference in finger length is absolutely, directly corelational to T. So what? It’s “cool” I guess, but how does knowing that meaningfully affect anything we do in our training? If there were some reliable way to use that kind of data or similar to determine whether your T is LOW (actually low), then THAT would be helpful I guess...