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HLP Template Issues

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  • HLP Template Issues

    I purchased on 1/1/18 all the templates BBM offered, except for the OLY template. I just opened the HLM template with the intent of running it. However, when I began to review it, I saw it was riddled with cell reference errors (#REF). For example, in the Analysis worksheet, rows 33 - 43 and columns B - J in those same rows all contain cell reference errors, as do cells H13 - H32. These errors are usually caused by rows or columns a formula referenced being moved or removed from a worksheet. Additionally, the following worksheets contain #REF errors, too: Log (2), Log (3), Log (4), Log (5), Log (6), Log (7), Log (8)

    Would someone let me know if these issues have been corrected in a subsequent update of this template? If so, may I download it without needing to repurchase it?

    Thanks for your help.

    SilverSage (a.k.a. Michael Preiss)

    Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Chag Sameach, Yom Tov

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    Hi Michael,
    This is not standard, and if you email us ([email protected]), we'll make sure you have a clean template.


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      If your experience is like mine (I just recently purchased one of the templates), the Analysis tab and graphs will start to populate and look 'normal' as you fill in the weekly log tabs (with your weight, reps, and RPE).

      The empty template has lots of those #N/A, #VALUE! and #REF messages in the cells

      Some of those messages go away once you start putting in your actual numbers, and others appear to be extra unused ones - I think the same overall Excel template was used for each of the specific programs (so e.g. if you have a 7 week template there's a bunch of #REF messages in the unused cells that would map to additional weeks in other versions of the template program)