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Press template issues

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  • Press template issues

    Just purchased press template and found a couple issues. First, there is no section under the weekly log tabs to enter data on the competition bench even though it’s one of the prescribed lifts. I could change one of the supplemental press sections and title it for the comp bench but I don’t know if that would sync with the comp bench section in the analysis tab. Secondly, there is no section in the analysis tab for the comp press to monitor progress. Since this is a press focused template, I would have thought that it would be tracked like the squat/DL/bench. Any thoughts, solutions, etc???

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    Since we are not really training the Competition Bench as a priority, I don't track it in the Press Template other than suggesting it should be put under S-P1.

    The competition press is monitored under the competition bench title on the analysis page. I definitely should update this, but the functionality is the same regardless.
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