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Undertraining Model and Advanced NLP

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  • Undertraining Model and Advanced NLP

    Hey Docs,
    I was just thinking through how the reset during NLP works under your interpretation as opposed to other interpretations. The reset essentially allows for a slight detraining effect and thereby resensitizes a lifter to the weight that he or she was lifting during the time of the reset. This interpretation is in contrast to the interpretation that's in terms of recovery. But how do we make sense of the light day modification during the "advanced NLP"? The idea is that by adding in a light day (which is by definition decreasing volume), you are giving the lifter more recovery time from Monday to Friday. How do you make sense of this strategy under the undertraining model of stress?


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    It's decreasing the stress. It's a peak. It also doesn't last very long.
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      Ah got it. Interesting. I guess that makes me wonder more enerally about how peaking works exactly, and specifically under this model.