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Question about the weights for The Bridge 2.0

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  • Question about the weights for The Bridge 2.0

    I'm starting this week with The Bridge 2.0, the information and definitions explained in this program are very useful. I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    My question is about the weigth I should put on the bar:
    For example lets say that my "Squat w/ belt" 1rm is 100kg. so far.

    Week 1, day 1 says
    "Squat w/ belt" - 5reps @6, 5reps @7, 5reps @7
    This means that I have to use the porcentage chart with my 1rm of 100kg to do the reps?
    In that case there is no porcentage for RPE 6 in that chart.
    But for the others should be:
    5reps @7 = 5reps @ 79% of the 1rm. = 5reps @ 79Kg.
    5reps @8 = 5reps @ 81% of the 1rm. = 5reps @ 81Kg.
    Is this correct?

    Also I understand that
    In Week 2, day 1
    "Squat w/ belt" - 5reps @RPE6, 5reps @REP7, 5reps @RPE8, x 3 sets
    Now it says *@RPE *, So I understand that I shouldn't use the table and do as follow:

    5reps @RPE6 = 5reps @ the weight feels like I'm still warming-up in sets of 5reps
    5reps @RPE7 = 5reps @ the weight is now heavy enought to count it as a set of 5 reps
    5reps @RPE8 = 5reps @ with the weight that I feel I can do 7 reps solid with a good effort and technique, but I only do the 5 reps. 3 times.

    Please let me know if I'm wrong.

    Also, I was doing 3 months of crossfit after finishing the SSLP Program. Can I try The Bridge or should I repeat the SSLP?

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    There is actually no difference between the notations of @6 and RPE 6. They both mean the same thing, and I am sure that in the next edit of the Bridge we'll have that consistent. When using RPE, so in both cases here, you can use the table to plan your weights just as you have. Then you use the RPE scale to adjust up or down as needed. You are correct is your evaluation of the RPE scale.

    And you can indeed do the Bridge.


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      Excellent, thanks!