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  • Suggestions for moving forward with programming

    Hey BBM crew,

    I hope you are all doing well!
    I am a big follower of all of your content, including podcasts, articles, Instagram posts and templates! I am really grateful for what you guys do, as you've changed my life completely. Thank you so much and please keep at it!

    Apologies for the long post, and I hope this isn't consult territory (in which case I'd totally understand!) but I'd like to get some help moving forward with my programming based on my training history and results thus far. Currently, my main goal is getting stronger, i.e. increasing my 1-rep maxes.

    Current numbers:
    BW: 75kgs, H: 186cm
    S: 127.5kg, BP: 85kg, DL: 167.5kg

    Training history:
    End of 2017: SSLP 4-5 months
    April 2018 - Mar 2020: A 2yr run of some of your legacy templates such as Bridge, 3 day hypertrophy and HLM and I think the last templates I ran were S1 and PB1.
    Sep 2021 - Present: Restarted training with BT and then have been alternating PB1 and S1, sometimes running the same template back-to-back.

    Since Sep 2021, I've made some good progress, getting back to my best numbers from March 2020 with ~ 15kg less BW which is great! However, I think that lately my progress has halted on Squats and Deadlift as can be seen from the attached pictures (latest run of S1). My bench press has been progressing pretty well so I wouldn't change anything there.

    My nutrition is on point (thanks to you guys!) and I am currently on a very slow bulk. My sleep quality, on the other hand, is probably not great given I now have a baby boy at home. That being said, I have a very good/regular sleep schedule.

    In terms of my training, I'm quite confident I've gotten pretty good at using RPE, mainly in terms of consistency so I don't think I'm having issues with undershooting or overshooting. I almost never rate a session RPE over 8, so I don't think the sessions are too fatiguing per se either. That being said, I do get DOMS (mostly adductors) pretty often (maybe once every 3 weeks) after squats on Mondays, sometimes after the Friday workout too. Sometimes the DOMS from Mondays are so intense that I can't squat on Wednesdays (though the next day I can squat almost no problem).

    I've also purchased the Low fatigue template and accompanying e-book on programming and have gone through it, as well as your podcasts and articles regarding progressive loading and programming in general. Using this information, I've tried thinking about my situation and have gotten to the conclusion that I might be on the "too much fatigue" side of things despite not feeling too beat up in general. So a few thoughts on my side regarding what I might try next:
    1. Rerun S1, and if I see no progress starting maybe week 2 or 3 (week 1 is already low-stress) try the "too much fatigue: short protocol", i.e. reduce work sets by 1-2 on all Squat and DL exercises for 2-4 training days and see how things go.
    2. Same as above but also reducing RPEs by 1 point for all but the top single @8.
    3. Run 3-day low fatigue template. Not sure I'm quite ready for those templates yet given my current training history.
    Do these sound like a reasonable approaches? Recommend any particular approach over the others?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time!

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    In this situation I would look at the 3 day low fatigue template with a modest Calorie surplus. There may be some juice to squeeze from the other templates with some analysis of warm-up selection, work set weight, technique, etc., but I would feel comfortable with you doing the 3-day low fatigue template.
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      Thanks for advice Jordan!

      Just finished the first workout of the LISF 3-day. A nice change, looking forward to the rest of the program.



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        Nice. Let me know how you do with the Low Fatigue Template!
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