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Transitioning from Junk to Productive Stress

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  • Transitioning from Junk to Productive Stress

    Hi BBM crew! Thank you all again for the extremely helpful content you’ve been putting out.

    A question popped in my head after listening to Pt. 1 of the Programming Podcast, and while I recently got an answer on Jordan’s IG live, I was hoping to have an expanded conversation here.

    If a given trainee has been training consistently, even say with the main barbell lifts, but still have a lot of “junk” volume comprising their workouts, how should they transition to more streamlined and productive programming? Would they expect any detraining if their overall volume decreased?

    I ask particularly because a friend of mine self-programs crushingly long and exhausting workouts made up of burpees, curls, lunges, plyometrics, etc on top of squats, deadlifts, presses, and the like.

    They expressed their frustration to me over stagnating hypertrophy and strength, and I obviously pointed them in you all’s direction.

    Thanks so much!

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    This is a complex question.

    How they should transition will, of course, depend on what they've been doing before.

    Concern over "Detraining" is not specific enough in this situation. It's important to specify which characteristics you're talking about. If they've been doing tons of other stuff like you describe, sure, they might detrain some work capacity ... but their strength performance may improve if the programming becomes more focused/directed towards that goal. Does this make sense?

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      Yeah, that totally makes sense, thank you!

      Aside from doing cardio before or after almost every workout, and supersetting their main lifts with the fluff I described, the actual programming of their barbell exercises isn't terrible. SBDing multiple times per week at sub-maximal intensities, etc.

      I made sure to ask what their specific goals were related to training, and since they explicitly mentioned strength and hypertrophy, I figured that detraining a bit of their (albeit impressive) work capacity is a reasonable trade-off given what they're looking to accomplish.