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    Hey Doc

    I'm currently on week 8 of the template, and I'm noticing a repeating pattern of dreading Thursday because of how shoulder focused it feels. The previous days session RPEs had about 7-7.5, but Thursday gets an 8.5 easily just because of the hard focus. And if I start experiencing shoulder pain, it almost feels like a wasted day. I'd like to introduce more or replace lower body movements to "even" it out, but unsure of how to or if that would even be a good idea.

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    Day 3 is setup as a snatch and jerk priority day with two additional slots, 1 for pressing strength and 1 for OH position work. I don't really see a big shoulder-focus per se', though I can understand it may feel that way once you get to exercise 3. You could swap slot 3 from days 3 and 4 if you wanted and that made you a bit more tolerant of the training. Alternatively/additionally, I would consider lowering the RPE on exercises 3 and 4 on Day 3.

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