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    Hello docs and all,

    Will be finishing up powerbuilding 2 in a few weeks and will be starting the bodybuilding template. I see it is recommended to start at block 1 as volume builds, but I was thinking about starting on block 2 as I'd like to maximize hypertrophy and will only have time for 2 blocks before I'll need to end my caloric surplus and cut some weight. Any expected differences in outcomes between blocks or any issues starting with the second block? I've a decently long training history of 5 or 6 years at this point - not terribly concerned about recovery. Thanks in advance

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    Thanks for the post. I would start on the 1st block of bodybuilding, as I'm not sure you can thrive with the training stress of the second block without having done the first and coming from PB II. If you overdo it on training stress, you'll grow less even though there's more volume. I would be concerned about recovery...hell, I AM concerned about my recovery on my current training. Just my 0.02.

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