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Block Pull setup question + follow up question about hook grip

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    You can pick what you like. I don't know what you have access too, but I would either pick RDL's or deadlifts + bands. I would really try to keep the block pulls in your programming this block though.

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  • Ben Cohen
    What would be your go-to substitution for block pulls in this scenario if I were to swap them out? I previously ran PB II so was doing RDL in block I there and stiff leg deadlift in block II (Which I finished last week). Block II of PB III has 2ct paused deadlift, and block III has 2 inch deficit deadlifts, so I assume it would be smart to pick a different variation than those to keep some variaty in the program?

    As for spreading the grip work throughout the week, it sounds good to me, i'll give it a try.

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    If you can't pull from a rack or from mats/blocks, then doing it off of plates is really the only way. That said, you can swap the exercise out with something that's easier to setup for you.

    You can absolutely use straps for and and all of your back off sets. Every exercise you are grasping something is grip work. If you feel like you're not getting enough throughout the week, but want to spread it out over multiple sessions, you can do your top deadlift variation's set on Day 1 without straps too.


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  • Block Pull setup question + follow up question about hook grip

    Hi BBM,

    I've started PB III this week and was kind of struggling with setting up the Block Pull on day 1 since my gym doesn't have any blocks and the rack isn't really built for rack pulls. Yesterday I tried to do them off of 15 kg bumper plates (linked below) though the weight just kept rolling off since they aren't completly flat.

    Also, every time I need to add / take off weight, I need to take the bar off of the plates, load the weight, and deadlift it while walking with it in order to put the weight back on the bumper plates.
    It might be that this is the only way to do so, but i'd be happy for any suggestions as to how I could set up block pulls in a an easier way? (I train in a standard commercial gym).

    Second question - I've posted here a couple of weeks ago about hook grip messing up my hands (, and Jordan suggested using straps for accessory deadlift movements and potentially switching to mixed grip if hook grip doesn't work out.
    For now I want to keep trying hook grip, and on my main deadlift day (which was day 3 of PB II until this week), I didn't really have any problem with my top / first back-off sets in terms of tearing up my hands. Though, towards the fourth and fifth sets of the deadlift (The final back-off sets) I felt that it was becoming an issue. Is it okay to use straps for my back-off sets, and if so for how many of them, considering this is the only grip training that i'm getting during the week? PB III doesn't really have back-off sets since it's all straight sets @ RPE 7, though I have the same question about it aswell in terms of number of sets (if any) that I can use straps on day 3.