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Beginner Question - Intra set fatigue

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  • Beginner Question - Intra set fatigue

    I've just finished my 2nd week of the beginner template. Have finished all workouts and sets until today. It's going well, i feel it's a good volume/intensity for where i'm at.

    The sets of 10 squats to finish up is where the question originates.

    - Should intra-set fatigue factor in to RPE? i.e. the back fatigue after deadlifts seems to show up at about rep 7/8. My legs aren't yet tired, but my system is tired.

    Would increasing my rest period in between (currently 2-3 minutes as prescribed) assist with this? or perhaps some additional GPP/Cardio on off days? Or just lower the load and complete the sets.

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    Thanks for the post. In this case, we're using RPE to determine how hard the set is, which integrates the body's performance as a system. Whether the limitation is predominantly "legs", "back", or "cardio", is not really important- but rather the overall difficulty of the set.

    I think more consistent exposure to this type of training is likely to help the most with becoming accustomed to the task's demands. That said, I still get super winded on a heavy set of 10-rep squats after 15+ years of training. My heart rate does recover faster now that I'm more trained and in better shape overall. I wouldn't increase rest periods over 3 minutes in this setting. If you need to lower the load, that's a fine modification.

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