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Deadlift recovering every two weeks

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  • Deadlift recovering every two weeks

    Hi Team,

    I ran Hypertrophy I and I just finished the 5th week of Powerbuilding I.

    I noticed that my conventional deadlift takes two weeks to recover. The first week I would hit a top set PR and fly through the back off sets, followed by a week where I hit my RPE target early and can maybe muster one back off set. Overall, my numbers are still improving, but psychologically I still can't help but feel like I'm losing on the down weeks. Is there a recommended way to alter the training so I can feel like I am doing the program?

    Options I'm thinking about:
    1. Suck it up, the RPE training is working.
    2. Program an arbitrarily lower % on down weeks.
    3. Do a different deadlift variation on down weeks.
    4. Incorporate speed work on down weeks.

    I attached a PDF of my numbers/graphs from the last 10 weeks.

    M31, 250 pounds
    Goal: Cut to 235, maintain or gain some strength on the way down.
    Lifetime gym records: 455/290/505 @ 285 pounds

    Thank you,
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    Thanks for the post. Seems to me like your training is going well overall, as evidenced by your DL marching up consistently over time. I do not think you're losing any progress that you could otherwise be taking advantage of by modifying every other week's DL programming. Rather, I think that as you become more and more trained, you'll find that you can add load on consecutive weeks sometimes without increasing RPE. Other times, you'll have to limit load on consecutive weeks. That's the way it goes and week-to-week progress isn't likely to last for too long. If it did, a lot of people would be deadlifting a lot more than they do currently.

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      Makes sense. Thanks, Jordan.