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Conventional > Sumo (low bar squatter)

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    We view the sumo and conventional deadlifts equivalent for training that movement pattern. I do not remember a time where we preferred conventional to sumo, but another organization we used to work with certainly does. That said, we think folks should be able to perform both reasonably well. I do not think there's added risk to conventional (or reduced risk to sumo) in the context of a well-programmed training plan. In that same vein, I do not think a good amount of your reps should be a grind.

    The pros and cons of either- save for the carry over to specific tasks- is going to be almost entirely related to the individual and their preferences. I would be more keen on you doing both as part of a good program, which is going to be more important than the specific deadlift style you use.


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  • jurke
    started a topic Conventional > Sumo (low bar squatter)

    Conventional > Sumo (low bar squatter)

    Have you guys changed your overall sentiment (or maybe you never had one?) that conventional is generally preferred over sumo?

    im a powerlifter who competes low bar/sumo. I made the switch from conventional to sumo probably 5-6 years ago after tweaking my lower back pretty badly pulling conventional. Ended up going to ER.

    At the time I was led to believe it may have something to do with large amounts of volume/stress with low bar squatting and conventional and that I should try sumo.

    Anyway, I’ve been pulling sumo ever since and find I can really grind reps without mental fear of a back tweak BUT - I have some interest in switching back to conventional.

    is there anything to added risk with low back volume/stress when also low bar squatter? Any pros/cons to one over the other?

    thjnking of running a full cycle with conventional and see how it compares but curious BBMs current take as I know in the past seems you generally prefer conventional.