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  • Squat stability

    No matter if I’m squatting 135 or 405 my squat feels unstable and awkward. I’ve been barbell squatting for like 20 years and it’s always been my problem child. I was thinking about maybe running an extended block where I only do tempo squats, but for low reps. For example 2-3 rep sets 3-2-0 or something like that for a while. Thoughts? I’m currently running the medium ISF 4 day template.

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    I don't have any specific thoughts here; that's a strategy you can certainly try and see how it goes. I would not make all of your squatting involve long pauses, though.

    I would just be finding ways to increase the amount (and likely frequency) of practice/exposure to the movement pattern you want to improve. If you are interested in some more specific/individualized input on your technique and basic programming suggestions, getting set up for a form check with one of our coaches may be worthwhile.
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      Ok, thank you!