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Repeating final week of first block PB1

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  • Repeating final week of first block PB1

    I’m currently running powerbuilding 1 on and off for awhile now.
    I’m at week 5 at the moment and I’m just wondering if it is acceptable to keep repeating week 5 as I’m still increasing weight in my squat and bench and deadlift each week while staying at the prescribed RPE.
    Would it be acceptable to keep repeating week 5 until I can’t add more weight while keeping the rpe the same.
    And then move onto week 6 which is the next block once I overshoot the RPE.
    Thank you

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    I think that's a totally reasonable plan, though I wouldn't overshoot the RPE and then move on. Rather, if you're unable to make progress (adding weight) without overshooting, don't overshoot, but do move on.
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      Thanks Jordan.

      Currently I’m still adding weight at RPE 8 so will see how long it will continue.
      I’ll move onto week 6 once I stop making progress