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  • Borderline

    Two questions (or maybe just one?).

    Stats: 49 years old, 5’8” on a good day, roughly 195, roughly 22-25% BF, short legs, short arms, long torso. Have come back low to low-normal T 2x, but that might be because I am chubby. I lack sleep, on account of a long commute and a 2 year old. I have run SSLP 2x since age 43 – both ended in similar places.

    Squat 295x5x3
    DL 345x5x1
    Bench 205x5x3
    Press 145x5x3

    Latest run was in August, but I hit a wall after one set of 300x5 on squats, reset and the same thing happened. Then I dicked around a bit with lower weights on a 4 day split with some random singles, and tweaked both hamstrings. Then had my circumstances changed. I switched assignments at work, leading to less time and more stress, which kept me out of the gym. I went into the garage the other day, figuring to “start light,” i.e. at 70% of those numbers, and run back up to 90% of the above numbers, and then assess options, but got crushed. The crushing could be situational, related to poor food choices prior (I was totally gassed and wanted to throw up).

    Question 1:

    Should I rerun LP from lighter than 70%, back up to about 90% of previous #s, or do something else?

    If it is a short LP, what next? Bridge to HLM? I defeinitely struggle with work capacity, especially if frequency drops.

    My main issues are time constraints to train and recovery challenges (sleep, 2 year old, not wanting to get fatter).

  • #2
    Sure, you can run the LP up to that point. But, assuming you can maintain some sort of lifting consistency, then get off the LP and onto something like the Bridge to develop work capacity, increase training volume, and improve your body composition situation along with dietary modifications.
    IG / YT