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Quick Question Bridge v2.0

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  • Quick Question Bridge v2.0

    Oh hello,
    i've bought the bridge v2.0 and have a quick question in terms of Sets and rpe for the main comp. Lifts.
    First week day 1: it says that i have to warm up to 5 reps @6 - okay, so then i calculate my rpe 7 and 8 target weight. The last 2 sets shall be @ rpe 8. For example my target weight @8 will be 140kg x 5 - do i have to change the weight for the second set to stay at rpe 8? Or do i perform the 2 sets with the, at the beginning calculated 140kg?

    Thanks in advance

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    You should be able to repeat a weight for two sets and stay at RPE 8, provided the first set was really an 8. If it was too heavy and you did NOT definitely have two reps left, you will take a bit of weight off the bar for your second set so you don't overshoot the RPE.