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PB 1 substitutions after BB 1 block 1

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  • PB 1 substitutions after BB 1 block 1

    Hello BBM,
    I ran 9 weeks of bodybuilding I block 1 (repeating week 6), but now switched to PB 1. I have a few questions regarding substitutions, I hope you don't mind and can provide some advice.

    PB 1 weeks 1 - 5:
    Day 1:
    - as prescribed but no belt
    - as prescribed but no belt
    - Sumo instead of Romanian deadlift (as did Romanian in BB 1, and have never done sumo)
    - Bulgarian over walking lunges (only because of forearm fatigue, or alternate across weeks if Bulgarians are too fatiguing)

    Day 2:
    - as prescribed but no belt
    - Front squat as ran leg press in BB 1 (and don't have access to a safety squat for example)
    - as prescribed (1-arm row)
    - as prescribed (bent over flies)

    Day 3:
    - as prescribed but no belt
    - as prescribed
    - as prescribed
    - as prescribed

    GPP 1:
    - As prescribed

    GPP 2:
    - Snatch practise as detailed in a BBM article

    - HIIT 2x per week (have been doing this for a while)
    - LISS 3-4x per week (also have been building up)
    - Occasional extra snatch session with some jumps and slam balls (slowly building up)
    - Occasional long LISS or threshold runs (slowly building up)

    ​I'm not concerned about not having a belt (long-stay abroad at the moment).

    Other Q's:
    - Presumably from week 6 onwards I should switch to different supplementary exercises to the ones I ran in weeks 1-5?
    - How important is it to change the calf raise variant, or put another way, does it matter if I simply use what is available at the time of training (standing, seated, leg press)?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for the post. I think I understand your questions. A few thoughts:

    1) I think sumo DL is fine in place of RDL
    2) If you want to do walking lunges, you can use straps for the DBs
    3) Front squat is fine if you can rack the barbell
    4) I wouldn't explicitly program someone to deadlift without a belt in this context, but if you didn't bring it with you, that's fine too.
    5) I don't think snatch practice/work pairs well with this template. Same with jumps or slam balls. I could think of a few ways where it's probably viable, but I don't know how you're going to program it or why, e.g. what's the purpose. I definitely would not spend extra training time on this if time is limited.
    6) Yes, conditioning is programmed in the template and many different modes can be performed.
    7) I don't think you need to change exercises after week 6 if you're responding well to the program. This includes calf work.

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