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  • Shoe Recommendation Update

    Hi docs/BBM coaches,

    Any opinions on newer weightlifting shoes, both for beginners and intermediate lifters?

    The general consensus on various weightlifting forums seems to be that older shoes were generally better, before shoes starting aiming towards the Crossfit crowd. As such -- at least in Canada -- it seems difficult to get a hold of most of the previous recommendations. Adipower 2, Romaelo 2, etc are generally unavailable, and the opinions on newer models (Romaleo 4, Adipower 3, Legacy Lifter 3, Savaleos, Powerlift 5, etc) seem to be mixed compared to older shoes. I've tried the Powerlift 5s and they feel rather "soft" compared to LL 2's (which were unfortunately far too big).

    -Any opinions on newer shoes? Better idea to try and find lightly used older models?

    -Does the midfoot generally expand in a lifting shoe, or is it better to find something snug but comfortable from the outset?

    -Is there a "better height" to start with when new to training shoes? Powerlift 5's are less sturdy and run at 0.60" (15.1mm), whereas Legacy Lifters are closer to 0.82" (20.5mm) (I think Rom 4's are advertised at 0.78"/20mm). Jordan recommends 0.75" in the video from a few years ago, but I'm not sure whether or not heel height makes any difference in "acclimation" vs exposure time.

    There's also Tyr and other models Rogue carries, but they tend to be quite pricey.

    (If this is better suited to Unmoderated forums I'd be happy to post there instead).


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    I would not agree that older shoes were generally better, in fact, I'd argue the opposite from a sizing, availability, materials, and different options standpoint. I say this having a ton of different lifting shoes over the years.

    I don't think these shoes expand significantly, particularly if there's a large amount of plastic or leather in the upper. The old suede uppers changed a lot over a lifetime. I would not buy used older shoes for any particular reason.

    There is no single heel height that will be preferred universally more by everyone. Some people will like flat shoes, some a little bit of heel, and others with a higher heel. This may change over a career as well.

    I think somewhere around a 0.75" effective heel height is a great place to start. A few hundredths one way or another isn't likely to matter, but a full 1" effective heel hight vs 0.5" would be noticeable.

    If I was buying new shoes, I'd be looking at a pair of the legacy lifter II's or romaelos 4's.

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      Glad to hear that, thanks for the info.

      Any opinion on Legacy Lifter IIIs? IIs seem to be very limited in stock even from Reebok directly. I have an annoyingly wide foot, if that narrows things down.


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        I think the Nikes have a wider toe box, as do the TYRs. Reebok lost me with the pump thing.
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          I'll see if I can find the Romaleos on sale then. Will try the Legacy IIIs, but yeah, I haven't even owned a lifting shoe before and I thought the pump was gimmicky nonsense. Thanks!