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Conditioning days on beginner prescription

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  • Conditioning days on beginner prescription

    Question for you on when to do conditioning work in a M-W-F lifting schedule.

    I’ve had about a 3 month layoff, previously ran the SS NLP & now starting your beginner prescription. I’m looking at M-W-F to do the lifts.

    Last two weeks I started cycling to work (about 6.5 miles/40 min each way) once a week, and can cycle to work on any of Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. Looking at taking it up to cycling to work 2 days a week eventually if that makes sense.

    Which days should I cycle with the M-W-F lift schedule? Should I cycle Tue & Thursday on the days I’m not lifting? Or is it better to get full recovery those days, and do something like cycle only on Wednesday? I would be lifting after cycling home Wednesday in that case.

    I’m 55, 190 lbs/6ft tall, recent DEXA scan 30% body fat, lifts recently unimpressive. Looking forward to getting stronger again, reducing that percentage & gaining some weight, and feeling healthier with the added conditioning.

    Long time BBM podcast listener, first time posting - keep up the nuance!

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    I would plan on doing your conditioning on days you don't lift in an effort to be active on MORE (not less) days. That said, I don't think it really matters for long term training outcomes either. It matters far more that you get it all over some special schedule.
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