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  • Another quick rep tempo question

    Good morning BBM team, I hope all is well! Quick question for you.

    You mentioned in a reply to another thread on a related question that "I would stick to a controlled eccentric and fast concentric for both strength and hypertrophy improvements."

    I am a couple months into the Bodybuilding II template, and having never trained in this fashion before, I find I have the urge to slow the eccentric down more than I would for strength-based templates, but I have no real solid basis for thinking that. I would say I have defaulted more or less to a 3-1-0 tempo by default, whereas when training for strength, I control the eccentric as well but more to the tune of 1-0-0 type tempo.

    I guess what my restless, pedantic mind really wants to know is, what tempo would you recommend for iso work on your bodybuilding templates? What about the main compound movements?

    Thanks for your time,


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    If my PL-specific work on the competition lifts is 1-0-0, the tempo I default to for this application is 2-0-0. I think longer eccentric tempos up to ~ 4s are fine, though I don't think they're better than a controlled eccentric (e.g. 2 or so count). I can't swear to it that a 2 count eccentric is better than a 1 count eccentric, though I do think many people coming from a strength training background would do better with it.
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