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Accumulating volume with triples

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  • Accumulating volume with triples


    I am new to this forum, pleasure to be a part of the BM community and I hope this question finds you well. I posted this question somewhere else earlier on this forum but I think it was the wrong place. My apologies for the repost.

    I understand that post-novice trainees are required to increase volume to get stronger, using slightly lighter loads. My question is, after running the general intermediate program, could I continually get stronger by hitting a single around RPE 8, and then accumulating volume using triples, until I hit say, 8 triples. Then I could just increase the load on the triples and start accumulating again. During the load increase for that specific movement (e.g. squat, bench, dead) I would increase volume on it's variations on the other days to prevent a temporary de-training effect.

    Obviously, the single @ RPE 8 would be used to measure whether or not this actually works. Either the RPE @ a certain weight will go down, e.g. RPE 8 with 405 down to RPE 7 with 405, or the weight will go up but the RPE stay the same.

    Could this, at least theoretically work, and what would be the practical problems following this style of training? I am considering giving it a go, but I'm not sure whether it would work.

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    It could theoretically work, though I don't suspect it would work for very long.

    Practical problems would be if you selected loads for the triples that were too high. For example, coming off the general intermediate program, don't expect that you'll be able to do [email protected] x 8 sets and keep that going for very long.
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      Thank you Austin, appreciate the response.