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SSLP completion prior to Bridge

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  • SSLP completion prior to Bridge

    Hi guys,

    I've been lifting for a few years now (maybe four) and hopped around between programs and I'm not as strong as I should be for the time I've put in.

    I'm male, 33 years old and below are my current estimated 1RM's.

    OHP 57.5kg / 125 lbs
    Deadlift 140kg / 305 lbs
    Bench 82.5kg / 180 lbs
    Squat 107.5kg / 235 lbs

    I feel as though there is probably still some room in my squat and deadlift to increase the numbers but my bench and press are pretty weak.

    Before I embark upon The Bridge, I suspect I should probably run SSLP to it's conclusion beforehand.

    My question would be at what percentage of my current lifts would you recommend I use as a starting point with for SSLP? I was thinking 80%, but this is just an arbitrary guess. From there I would go as far as I could before moving onto The Bridge, sound sensible?

    I've tried to keep this as succinct as possible but do let me know if you think additional info would help inform any answers to the above questions.

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    You can have a LP run, yes, we just would not advise running it out as long as possible So don't do multiple resent and such, just move on to the Bridge when are are clearly not able to add weight to the bar each session.

    And for starting weights, you should still do that just as the SSNLP lays out-warm up with 5s, work up to a reasonably heavy set, with your form still perfect, and start the working sets of 5 at that weight. You'll be adding weight each session, so there is no point to starting this artificially high with a set percentage.


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      Thank you for the guidance, Leah, much appreciated.

      I think i might have gone a little click happy last night and posted this a couple of times as I was sure it hadn't posted so apologies for the spams and please feel free to delete the other entries!

      Thanks again - I take so much info away from all the videos, podcasts and artcles you guys do - keep 'em coming!


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        And this:

        The Starting Strength Novice Linear Progression (SSLP) is set up on an A/B schedule where workouts "A" and "B" are alternated on non-consecutive days, e.g. M/W/F or T/R/Sat.

        A common issue people have is that their upper body lifts plateau prior to their squat and deadlift, which creates a programming problem. We have a solution. We'd recommend doing the following as a direct plug-and-play for workouts A and B:

        Workout A
        Squats per SSLP
        Bench x 1
        @ +5% from last 5 x 3 sets on LP, then take 15% off the bar for 5 reps x 5 sets
        Deadlift per SSLP
        Press x 8 reps x 4 sets @ -12% from previous press 5 x 3 sets on LP

        Workout B
        Squats per SSLP
        Press 1 @ +5% from last 5 x 3 sets, then take 15% off the bar for 4 reps x 6 sets
        Power Cleans or Rows per SSLP
        Close grip bench x 8 reps x 4 sets @ -15% from previous bench press 5 x 3 sets on LP

        -Attempt to add 2.5-5lbs per week on all sets without going above RPE (rate or perceived exertion) 8, which denotes having approximately 2 reps left in reserve, i.e. you could’ve done another 2 reps before failing.

        -Bench presses are touch and go. You can use a belt if you like.
        Presses are done from a dead stop. You can also use a belt if you like.

        -Rest 4-5 minutes between work sets
        Alternate A and B workouts as you were on Starting Strength LP (SSLP)

        -When your squat and deadlift stop increasing on SSLP, start The Bridge.
        Keep Getting Stronger!