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backoff sets!

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  • backoff sets!

    Hy guys ( and Hy to you too Leah)
    I did The Bridge, learning and overshooting RPE. I want to continue with RPE so I will go to bridge 2.0 to get more familiar with RPE.

    I have one question though regarding backoff sets:
    on week 2 of the bridge, lets say you did 185 kg x 1 rep @ RPE 8. estimated 1RM is 200kg. do you:
    1. insert values in the RPE calculator and get that 5 reps @ 8 is 163 kg and do that
    2. or you take 70-75% of that estimated 1RM and get 140-150 kg?

    I know that you already had this question but Im struggling to find it

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    The calculator is just a guideline - it does not work perfectly for all people, AND it assumes an accurate [email protected] weight, which isn't always true.

    You have to use your brain a bit here. If you think your [email protected] is reasonably accurate (i.e., you think you could triple it), but the calculator gives you a [email protected] weight that ends up being too hard, then start rounding that number down until you get it right.
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      perfect, thanks doc