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  • Time to give up?

    Sorry for the possibly click-baity title but I have a guy at work who has seen my results and asked me to train him. His initial request was he just wanted to "tone up his arms and chest" so we have come a long way to now discussing SSLP. The problem is he claims to have bone on bone in his shoulder so there is no way he can OHP but bench press is fine. Would it be in the greater good to have him do something like 60% bench on OHP days in SSLP or should I lay down the law and say if I'm going to help you we are doing the program? This guy is starting to drive me crazy with excuses. I feel like it is going to end up being a waste of my time.

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    I can understand the frustration. But if the guy is willing to train productively in some fashion, the "greater good" would be to have him continue training as productively as possible.

    If he adamantly refuses to press right now, then just get his bench up to 225 and by then he shouldn't be afraid of pressing 45 lbs overhead anymore.
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