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RPE change intra-workout due to fatigue

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  • RPE change intra-workout due to fatigue


    Let's say you are scheduled to perform 5x5 @ RPE 8 after doing a single 8. On a good day, your 5x5 @ 8 weight may stay the same. If as the sets go on, your RPE 8 become 8.5 and then 9 for example, should you re-adjust the weight to bring the RPE back down to 8 or just ride it out?

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    Yes, if you finish a set and know that it was inching up toward @9, you take a bit of weight off for your next set.


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    I have a similar question. If you are hard pressed for time, and reduce the rest periods from 3-4min down to ~1min this will raise the RPE of the sets. Is it deleterious to just let the RPE creep up? I'm curious because had you taken the proper rest it would have been fine and stayed at REP8, but since you changed your rest maybe it crept up to REP9. I run into this dilemma often enough on the bridge. Some of those workouts are quite a bit longer than my LP.