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Elbow sleeves

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  • Elbow sleeves

    Hi, I have three questions that relate to elbow sleeves specifically within the context of overhead pressing.

    1) When I press, my medial tricep tendon on my right arm slips out of groove, rubs over the medial epicondyle causing a "snapping" sensation. The only way I can prevent this is through using an ultra wide grip (which for obvious reasons I am not willing to do), performing partials or performing the Klokov press (which Is also obviously not the best thing to do) or compression in the form of relatively tight elbow sleeves. The sleeves make my training more productive as I can actually press. Should I continue wearing them?

    nb: I am not in pain. This also only happens on overhead press or very close grip bench. It happens as I am extending.

    2) It has been claimed by some individuals that sleeves can increase chance of injury by compressing everything together. Is there any truth behind this claim?

    3) Should I only wear a sleeve on the effected elbow or wear both?

    King regards


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    1) sure, wear them

    2) nope

    3) I’d do both
    IG / YT


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