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Volume and the GPP/Hypertrophy Template

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  • Volume and the GPP/Hypertrophy Template

    Hi BM team,

    Thanks for producing such great content and for scratching the itch of those of us who appreciate detail and nuance. It’s a pleasure to learn from you.

    My question: moving from Bridge 2.0 to the GPP/Hypertrophy template, I’d have guessed that, given the role of volume in driving hypertrophy, GPP/Hypertrophy would represent a significant increase in volume from the Bridge.

    However, it seems to offer only a mild increase, about 8% if I compare the High Stress Weeks in each (i.e., I see 268 total reps for Week 4 of Bridge 2.0 and something like 290 total reps for Week 3 of GPP/Hypertrophy, not counting the optional biceps/triceps work at the end).

    Have I misunderstood something about hypertrophy and volume or about the GPP/Hypertrophy template? If not, would you briefly explain how the GPP/Hypertrophy template drives muscular growth on this amount of volume as opposed to more?

    Thank you in advance for your time.


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    Hey John,

    The hypertrophy plan has higher total volume for all lifts over all weeks, myoreps, and novel exercises- all of which sum to drive hypertrophy a little bit better than a strength program like The Bridge.

    The thing is, we are strength folks through and through and rather than come out with a pure bodybuilding program we wanted to blend hypertrophy training with a strength element together in a way that prioritizes hypertrophy. That said, a good strength program is going to be programmed in a way that drives hypertrophy as well which is why there isn't a crazy difference between our strength and hypertrophy programs. This is also another reason why low volume post-novice programs are not a good move.
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    • John Abbruzzese
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      Thanks Jordan - makes perfect sense. And I'm very much appreciating that you ARE strength folks through and through.

      Best wishes,

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    Hi Jordan,
    I've been lifting for about 8 years. I completed the 12 strength week program with great succes. Thank you for that. I was wondering if the volume in the 7 week hypertrophy template is enough for someone who is not comming of the bridge, NLP or HML?
    It's the first time I will ever do myo-reps. So that will be a new stimulus.
    Do I up the volume by one or two sets on some exercises to accomodate for not being post-novice, or just keep it the same and focus on resensitizing for the next 12 week program?

    Thanks in advance!


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      I think you'll be fine doing the program, and wouldn't recommend changing it.
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