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Quarter ton conditioning.

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  • Quarter ton conditioning.

    I currently weight 464 lbs (down from from 650 two years ago) and was looking for some advice. I've been using RTS' general intermediate program as a base for a while now and it's getting a bit stale so I wanted to switch to a three day schedule for a while. I was looking at both the GPP templates and the Bridge they each have steady state cardo and intervals.

    I don't have access to a rower or bike and have no plans to acquire either. I figured a brisk 30 minute walk would work for the cardio but I'm not sure about the intervals since both running and sprinting would probably not be the best ideas at the time.

    So to sum up my question. What's best for super fat guy HIIT? Should I even try?

    If it helps I'm a heavy equipment mechanic and am pretty much active all day so I'm not really that out of shape I don't get winded walking up stairs or climbing and excavator. I'm just slow and large. I also have access to a machine shop and could probably make a sled or prowler.

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    Thanks for the post and congrats on your journey so far.

    For your question, I would probably just triple up on the steady state cardio instead of doing HIIT at all at this point until you make a prowler or sled. Then you can do the HIIT (prowler walks loaded pretty heavy).
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      Sounds reasonable. Thanks.