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GPP Hypertrophy Template Questions

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  • GPP Hypertrophy Template Questions

    Hello all,
    planning on using the hypertrophy template for a cut - just wanted to make sure I'm reading this correctly. The myoreps are intended for the even numbered supplemental lifts on this template (two bench supplemental lifts, and one supplemental deadlift), correct?
    And the notation for myoreps is the reps@rpe, reps? If there is a video that explains this, I didn't see it in the template.
    Also, is there any direct arm work? Just asking because others in the forum seemed to be mentioning this as an aspect of the template, but I don't see any direct arm work as written (i.e. curls, LTEs, etc.)

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    Hi Jwicken,

    Thanks for the post!

    Yes, you're reading that correctly re: Myoreps.

    And yes, there is arm work listed under the daily exercise order.
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    • jwicken
      jwicken commented
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      Hi Jordan,
      Sorry, but I'm still not seeing where the arm work is listed. Underneath the daily exercise order I see the competition lifts, followed by the supplemental lifts, and then nothing under that.

    • Austin Baraki
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      CTRL+F "Bicep"

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    Hello again,
    I performed the search CTRL+F "Bicep" and it returned with 0 results. I performed the search on the page titled "welcome to the 7 week GPP Hypertrophy bias!". (the fourth tab named "7 week gpp endurance") Is it possible I have a bad link?


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      Do the search on the tab with the actual programming on it.

      If you continue to have issues, shoot an email to [email protected].
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