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Running out volume?

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  • Running out volume?

    Hey BBM crew,

    As far as I understood, one needs more volume, specially after the SSLP. Now, doing high volume, let's say, 5x5 until one cannot progress, and then titrate intensity over volume (eg., 3x3 -> 2x2 ->1x1) is the best approach? My impression from the design of The Bridge is that one should cycle the volume instead of "running it out"? Sorry for my lack of more precise jargon. I'm still coming to grips with programming. Thanks again for the great content you guys put out.

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    Hey Dr. Hades,

    Thanks for the post and we're happy to have you here.

    As far as your question- I'm not really sure what you're asking outside of if we think that periodizing one's programming is useful, which we do.

    Volume and intensity, amongst other variables, will be changed over time to produce the desired outcomes
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