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4-day-split version of the Bridge

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  • 4-day-split version of the Bridge

    Hi coaches,
    I am a novice intermediate and would like to try the Bridge programming. I've been doing the Texas method 4-day split from Jordan's article for the past several weeks and would like to keep a 4 day a week training schedule for the big lifts. Do you think this could work, if applied to the Bridge:

    1ct Bench
    Pin press
    Squat w/belt
    Barbell rows

    Close grip Bench
    Press w/belt
    Deadlift w/belt
    2ct Squat

    Also, given that the RPE method is new to me, I made an excel file, where I calculate the weights week by week based on the RPE estimate calculator on the page 21 (I understand this is just for information and it should be checked in the gym under the bar). My question is - can I assume that my 1RM on Squats increases by 5lbs every week? My logics is that during SSLP I would increase the weights by 15lbs a week, advanced novice phase - I would have 10lbs a week, novice intermediate - I should be able to increase 1RM by 5lbs a week for quite some time. Is this thinking correct?

    Thanks a lot for all the information you share with us!

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    I would not set it up like that, no. You're removing some squatting and pulling volume. Don't do that.
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      Hi Jordan, thanks for replying.
      So in other words there is no way to skin the Bridge to 4-day-split method?
      My problem is I have just an hour a day for training and with 5 min rest times between sets it is difficult to have more that two lifts performed properly.


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        Arch (& Jordan),

        I am also planning on a 4-day split as well based very closely on my 3 week progress with The Bridge (see below). You could replace the pin press on FRI with that missing third squat variation. Pulling volume is largely unchanged except for less volume on BB Rows, but Block Pulls/ Halting Deadlifts on Tuesday will really help with Deadlifts on Friday.

        Adding pin press would help my poverty press, but I also agree with Jordan about squatting/ pulling volume and YNDTP. I'll likely sleep on it and then change it back to squats myself. Man those 303s are killers, but are so useful.

        (link to spreadsheet with progression for 8-weeks):!Am72O8nwsqSZhKwrjhbyPPNkXYdPJQ

        DB ROWS
        BENCH CG

        RACK PULL

        SQUAT 2CT
        BB ROWS
        BENCH 1CT

        CHINUPS (move to GPP if squatting this day)
        PIN PRESS OR 3RD SQUAT VARIATION (303, Belt-less, etc)

        GPP as listed in The Bridge


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          Hey Jordan! I am also wanting to split this up into a 4-5x/week program mainly due to shorter workouts being better for my schedule. I have a home gym and can get out for sessions often, but need to keep them fairly short.

          Can this not be done?

          You mentioned in a recent Q&A (I believe on Alan Thrall's youtube channel) that the stress across the week for an intermediate is what is most important. Correct? So, could I not do something similar to what Arch mentioned, except keep all the lifts?

          For example,

          Day 1: Squat, Close Grip Bench
          Day 2: Deadlift, Press, 303 Tempo Squat
          Day 3: 2 Ct. Paused Squat, Press
          Day 4: Rack Pull, Rows

          Or, do you have another program/template that would work for 4-5x/week full-body? Thanks!


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            Give it a shot and see how it goes!
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              After 6 weeks, I notice no real difference, WRT to progress, between my 4-days mod (weeks 4-6) and the original 3-days (weeks 1-3) other than time per workout and fatigue on the 3rd squat session on Friday. The latter has become less severe over time as my body adjusted to the workload. This was not really all that scientific since I mixed weeks during a somewhat non-linear program, but it's what I experienced.

              I kept the programming somewhat intact (exercise order), since there are so many well thought out subtleties that act as building blocks, especially as you approach weeks 6 and 7.