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Deadlift form check (first ever single heavy!)

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  • Deadlift form check (first ever single heavy!)

    I'm after some feedback on my deadlift form. My knees felt totally locked but they appear to have a bit of an angle to them. Also wondering if the bouncing halfway up would be a no lift in? Thinking of entering a comp towards the end of the year and after any advice.

    Thanks for any help!

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    If this is still needed, your knees look pretty solid to me in the lockout.
    However there are 2 things i wanna point out.
    1) as you mentioned the bouncing, hard to determine if this is considered a ''downward movement'' as im not a PL judge. And also the angle. However i believe this isn't allowed in any ipf-affiliated competitions. But i've seen ''similar'' deadlifts with the bouncing of the weight be approved in strongman comp deadlifts. So you'd really have to check the rules of the federation you want to compete in.
    2) Your lockout might be a LITTLE bit on the short side. Meaning you might have moved it downward already before the 'down' command. But that would have been me as a judge then. Might be worth to check heavy deadlifts from people in the federation you want to compete in, to see how long it takes before they get the down command on average. I would say this might have been a little on the short end of it.

    Other then that looks like a pretty solid lift to me, considering the angle and that i dont know how you generally lift in more volume.