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Heels lifting off during the bottom of a squat!!

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  • Heels lifting off during the bottom of a squat!!

    Hi All,

    I've been having issues with my squats recently which have made me nervous to increase the load of my squats.

    In the bottom position of my squat, my heels end up lifting off the floor desp Appvalley ite actively trying to keep them down. This occurs when I wear either flat or heeled shoes too and the only squat this doesn't occur in his a box squat. Tweakbox

    Anyone have any advice or tips to prevent this or does it really matter?
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    Could be due to the bar rolling up your back/neck, thus causing you to tip forward. I know that's happened to me numerous times. I was basically high bar squatting but with low bar mechanics (from what I understand).

    In any event, maybe give this video a go - hopefully it helps


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      You're letting the weight get so far in front the middle of your foot that you're pitching forward. As a consequence you're losing quite a bit of efficiency, so from that standpoint it matters. You could just box squat exclusively.

      I find this happens to me often when I'm high-bar squatting heavy weights.

      Is there any weight or bar position that you can use where this doesn't happen? The fix for me is moving the bar pretty far down my back.


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        I guess you've already been told to work on ankle mobility. If you send your knees out more that might keep you from having to bend at the ankle so much. I think.