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The mostest funnest training

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  • The mostest funnest training

    What do people think is more fun than barbell training?

    My answer is sword training!

    (Although, barbell training makes you much better, and more convincing, at sword training.)
    Keep Getting Stronger!

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    side bare to the barbell training question..... funnest youtube workout... I think I love this guy <3!!! He cracks me up, and I get a gut it would be so much fun to learn his story.... (There is a possibility I may have been doing this today and it is even possible that my dog was laying down sleeping, squinted his eyes open while I was allegedly dancing then may have produced an audible grown as he stretched, got up and walked out of the room to lay down somewhere else.... sigh.... man... dissed by the Diesel, you have to know it was not a good sight, but FUN!!!!... WAIT... this is just a hypothetical you know i'm just saying it could happen)


    MorganIsm dude sword fighting is awesome


    • neandrewthal
      neandrewthal commented
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      What did I just watch!?!? I think I need to bleach my eyes and ears.

      Hmm, I didn't know this was a thing but I guess it'll do:

    • The Geezer
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      I’m going to give up lifting and do this instead. I predict some huge Gainzzz as a result.

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    neandrewthal Oh no darlin' you would only have to bleach your eyes and ears if you had seen ME dance to him all day.... I am a bit addicted. As a supportive gesture, I tried the video you suggested... I tried and tried to move my stomach like that, but you know what, it just was not happening so I gave up and manually moved my stomach with my hands, pretty sure it was not the same effect though, but hey, I am all about experiential learning


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      You've all made my workout more interesting tonight. Thanks!