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  • Bone headphones

    what kind of headphones do you ladies and gentlemen prefer? I was thinking about getting some of the type that go in front of your ear through your bones. Any experiences? I wanted these primarily so I can still hear sounds around me while training.

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    Apple Airpods for me. LOVE them, even though I hated them before I tried them like everyone else. They sound great, and don't completely prevent you from hearing ambient sounds in the room at moderate volumes.


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      I have, use, and love these. Detachable cables, good quality drivers and I actually love the fact that with the foam inserts, they thoroughly isolate outside noise. But that last part is just my preference.


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        I've had the jaybird bluebuds 2 for a while now and really like them. One charge lasts multiple workouts, they sound great, and block out that screaming trainer across the gym. Because they're wired to eachother i do have to take them off and move the wire to in front or behind the neck depending on what I'm doing so they don't get pulled off by a bench or bar.


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          I know of the bone conduction headphones you speak of. I do know they let in all ambient sound as you are not blocking your ears. I believe it is like a layer of whatever you are listening to on top.

          I have little knowledge or interest in bone conducting earphones. I get it on a run/walk in the forest (even then I would rather listen to nature), but otherwise... nope. I am the opposite as I don't want to hear anything in the gym, mainly because the music is boppy poppy shit, the PTs are shit, the PTs speak shit, the other gym members are shit, the other gym members do silly shit and make silly shitty noises. So I am in the opposite camp. Bluetooth, noise isolating headphones, and keep my back to the rest of the gym.


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            I'm using Airdots when I'm moving and SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Headset when I'm on my PC. My previous headset had too bad quality and was too old, and had wire, which was not comfortable for me. So I decided to find a good wireless headset, my friend suggested me to check for information and recommendation about the headset, this helped me a lot in my search. My current headphones completely fill my needs and have awesome sound quality, which is really helpful when I playing videogames.
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