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  • BBM Youtube/Podcast/etc---Guests & Interviews

    I think it would be really cool if BBM could interview high school or college coaches who have bought into proper barbell training. People like baseball/track/volleyball/swimming/tennis/etc coaches.

    Also, with knee injuries seemingly on the rise (in the NBA at least), maybe interviewing an NBA strength coach could be beneficial. I wouldn't imagine any of them prescribe proper squats to depth (at least with real weights). A piece on former San Antonio Spur, DeJuan Blair could be interesting. He played in the NBA with NO acl in either leg. It was assumed his quads and hammies adapted and were sufficiently strong (along with ligaments) to maintain knee stability. I doubt he did lowbar squats to depth, but his case shows the importance of strengthening the surrounding muscles together. We all know how to accomplish this, but they apparently don't.

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    on the topic of people to collaborate with i think it be really cool to see guys like eric helms, layne nortan , and paul revelia