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Gyms in South Central Austin, Texas

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  • Gyms in South Central Austin, Texas

    I'm moving to Austin the end of this month, but Google hasn't been much help in finding a place to train. Anyone here train in South Central Austin or know of a good place to train there?

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    I don't, but I am also moving to Austin at the end of this month. We should train together sometime.


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      If you're south of the river, then I've unfortunately got no help for you. Hyde Park Gym (Guadalupe St. and 41st, I think) is awesome, but possibly too far north.


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        I’d prefer not to go that far, but what are you gonna do, not train?


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          I’m training in Buda in my non-air conditioned garage. Other than that I’ve got nothing for you. I tried Googling recently and couldn’t find much.


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            Originally posted by lonestar_shawn View Post
            I’m training in Buda in my non-air conditioned garage.
            Fun times June-September. Every summer I tell myself I'm going to buy a portable A/C unit for my garage, and every summer I end up just dealing with it and sweating enough to fill a kiddie pool.


            • lonestar_shawn
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              I laugh every time Austin lists the temperature in his Instagram posts because I feel his pain. It’s “colder” at 5 am but I’m not sure if waking up that early is crazier than the heat. Just existing at that temperature counts as GPP.

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            There's Luke's Barbell in Austin.

            I've never been there though. Joyce is a SS coach.


            • Joe Wilson
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              Luke's is a really awesome gym but you generally need to be there for regular coaching/classes, or pre-arrange a time to drop in and train which is rather expensive. It's not an open facility where you can just show up and train whenever. Great place to stop by if you're traveling etc. but not a regular option unless you're going for coaching.

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            I visited Luke's once for form help while I was in Austin visiting friends. I like her and her gym, but I believe that she or one of her interns coaches everyone in her gym. I'm happy with Barbell Medicine's coaching, as I've seen some good results so far.

            We'll see how it all pans out after the move, but right now Ignite Fitnez looks to be the best option near home (despite the awful name).