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Brainstorming for a BBM-like campus initiative at my university

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  • Brainstorming for a BBM-like campus initiative at my university

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to incorporate SS training/principles into a large-scale campus initiative at my school. I'm kicking around some ideas like tying SSNLP numbers to other metrics like grades and mental wellness scores, but I'm not really set on anything yet. More about this initiative:

    "The Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) is providing an opportunity for the campus community to contribute and support projects related to HCI. The HCI seeks to fund creative, high quality, replicable and sustainable projects that make our university a healthier campus community. The HCI’s priorities include:

    Healthy Eating/Nutrition
    Physical Activity
    Mental Health
    Built Environment
    Substance Use and Addiction
    Preventive Health
    Metrics/Quality Improvement"

    I figured I would throw this to the group. Has anyone tried something this before? Anyone have any related experience with this? What relationships could we link together to strengthen the case to scale barbell training up as a way to treat/prevent bad things from happening? Any other ideas on where I could take this?

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    I would be careful tying SS into multiple other areas as you increase the variables outside of strength training. The two areas of the HCI's priorities that I know have plenty of legit documented evidence would be 1) Physical Activity, 2) Preventative Health 3) Metrics/quality improvement

    1) SSNLP adheres closely to federally recommended guidelines and there is already data tracked on the SS forums for captured activity
    2) Jordan touches on this several times in this lecture:
    3) SSNLP is objectively measures and tracked